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Basic Manicure
Organic Manicure
Herbal Manicure
Vegan Manicure
Shellac French
Shellac Manicure
Shellac French Manicure
Cat Eye Gel Manicure
2 Nails Design
10 Nails Ombre
Nail Fix
Matte Topcoat
Take Off With Service
Take Off With Out Service
Cat Eyes Polish
Flake Gel Polish
Manicure Same Time W/Pedicure


Regular French
Shellac French
2 Toes Design
Cat Eyes Polish
Massage 5 Minutes
Massage 10 Minutes
Massage 15 Minutes
Hot Candle Paraffin
Take Off Shellac W/Service
Toe Dip/Acrylic Fix
Toe Clips
Manicure Shellac With Pedicure
Regular Manicure With Pedicure


California Day Out Combo
Organic Combo
Herbal Combo
Vegan Combo
Regular French
Shellac Polish
Shellac French
Organic Pedicure + Regular Manicure
Herbal Pedicure + Regular Manicure
Vegan Pedicure + Regular Manicure
Lash Fill


Regular Full Set
Color Acrylic Full Set
Liquid Gel Clear Full Set
White Tip Full Set
Pink-White Full Set
Color Tip Full Set
Pink White Ombre Full Set
Color Ombre Full Set
Full Set 3 Color Powder
Shellac Color
Shellac French
Nail Length
Extra Long
Matte Topcoat
Nail Fix W/Service
Nail Fix W/o Service
Take Off Acrylic With Service
Take Off Acrylic With Out Service
Rhinestones On 10 Nails
Nail Designs 1
Nail Designs 2
Nail Designs 3


Pink Fill
Fill Color Whole Nails
Fill Pink-White
Fill Pink-White Ombre
Fill Color Ombre
Fill Color Tip
Coffin-Stilletto Shape
Cuticle Trim
Nail Length (Medium)
Nail Length (Whole Tip)
Fill V-Shape (Long Nails)
Regular French
Shellac Polish
Shellac French
Nail Fix With Out Service
Nail Fix With Service
Pink-White Nail Fix
Manicure With Fill
Matte Topcoat


Dip Color
Dip Color W/Tips
Dip French
Dip French W/Tips
Dip Ombre
Dip Ombre W/Tips
Dipping Clear-Gel Over
Dipping Clear With Tip-Gel Over
Dipping Color Student
Dip Color W/Tip Student
Dip French Student
Dip French W/Tip Student
Dip Ombre Student
Dip Ombre W/Tip Student
Dipping Nails Fix
Coffin/Stilletto Shape
2 Nails Ombre Dip
3 Or More Color
Matte Topcoat
Take Off Dip With Out Service
Take Off Dip W/Service
Ombre Sparkle
Manicure With Dipping
Cuticle Trim


Full Set
Whole Nails Pink Full Set
Color Tip Full Set
Whole Nails Color Full Set
White Tip Full Set
Pink-White Full Set
Full Set Pink-White Ombre
Whole Nails Pink Fill
Color Tip Fill
Whole Nails Color Fill
Pink White Rebase
Shellac French
Regular French
Coffin/Stillettos Shape
2 Nails Design
Rhinestones On 10 Nails
Coffin/Stilletto Shape
Dip High School
Dip With Tip High School
Dip Clear-Gel Over High School
Dip Clear With Tips-Gel Over High School
Matte Topcoat
Regular Pedicure High School
Organic Pedicure High School
Herbal Pedicure High School
Vegan Pedicure High School
Toe Polish Change High School
Hand Polish Change High School
Regular Manicure High School
Organic Manicure High School
Herbal Manicure High School
Vegan Manicure High School
Shellac High School Color Manicure
Shellac High School French Manicure
Regular Combo High School
Organic Combo High School
Herbal Combo High School
Vegan Combo High School
Organic Pedicure + Regular Manicure High School
Herbal Pedicure + Regular Manicure High School
Vegan Pedicure + Regular Manicure High School